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Cardinal Home Service, LLC was formed by the owner, Richard Zicht, in 2016.  Starting in high school, while working jobs in both the construction and retail services industries, Richard further developed his childhood interests of hands-on building and  repairs, and also gained appreciation for the value of quality customer service.  His talents in these areas has continued to evolve for over 30 years since, and has culminated in the offering of high-quality, high-value, honest, and customer-focused services through Cardinal Home Service, LLC.  Richard holds a Building Maintenance License through St. Johns County and is fully insured.  After serving hundreds of happy customers in the first few years,  Cardinal Home Service received Better Business Bureau Accreditation in September, 2019.

    After graduating from Virginia Tech in 1993, Richard continued work in the retail service industry, as well as in boat repair, in Wilmington, N.C., before pursuing an opportunity to combine his skills, and childhood love for sailing, as a case manager and deckhand in a program serving at-risk youth in an immersive tall-ship program.  Richard dutied himself with empowering youth to find permanent and positive change in their lives, and also with learning about boat systems, maintenance, and the marine industry.  Richard subsequently spent time in marine salvage work and in marine construction in Norfolk, Va., coming to St. Augustine in 1995 on a tug boat from Virginia.  Following a summer of tall-ship sailing in Baltimore, Md., Richard returned to St. Augustine. Finding local employment in the boat repair and construction business for a small company with a motivated and highly skilled owner, Richard spent the next several years honing his skills in all areas of repair and construction. In addition, Richard spent several successive years working with a local master carpenter doing home repair, renovation, and custom installations. 

Renovation at a Fair Price

  Having been a homeowner for almost 20 years, and performing all routine home maintenance as a homeowner, Richard formed Cardinal Home Service, LLC to help other homeowners find peace of mind in knowing that their home is not just clean and pretty, but to find confidence that their home is also in good working condition. Richard strongly believes in the fundamental importance of preventative home maintenance. Having owned two older homes, and a brand new one, it has become evident that everything in the home, from hinge and door handles, to faucets and caulk, all become victims of wear over time.  A newer home is not at all exempt from routine maintenance, and due to settling of the home, environmental extremes found from season to season, inferior contractor choices for fixtures or poor finish work, and constant use in a busy household, things become loose, leak, break, just become outdated or reach the end of their lifespan.  
   The services that Cardinal Home Service, LLC offers include most all of the recommended annual services recommended by your builder and provides a check-up on all aspects of your home, as well as custom installations and fabrications. Richard knows, as a father of three, that it is extremely difficult to find the time in your busy life to complete all of the tasks that your home deserves.  Whether spending time on weeknights completing homework or attending activities with the children, going to church, or completing work for your day-job, weekday time is short and there never seems to be enough hours in the day.  Weekends come, and family and social obligations, work brought home from the office, and just plain needed down-time take you away from delving into home maintenance projects, but they still need to be done.  From loose handles on doors that just don't seem to close like they used to, that squeaky garage door, and the toilet that seems to top itself off every 20 minutes, to larger unknown concerns that could come back to bite you if not discovered early, Cardinal Home Services, LLC provides you peace of mind in knowing that your home is well cared for.
Honesty, reliability, integrity, and competence are the Cardinal Points of our business model. Richard wants you to feel that your home and family are living in a home that operating at its peak performance, is reliable, and is customized to suit your values and style. 

Have confidence in selecting Cardinal Home Service for any of your home needs.